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Welcome to the family society of Simelius-Simojoki official page.

Members of the Simelius-Simojoki family are direct descendants of Hendrich Simi (1658-1710, Raahe) and his wife Kristina Kemi.

Simelius-Simojoki family society

The Simelius-Simojoki family society was officially formed in 1950, but family gatherings had been unofficially held since 1900. The purpose of the family society is to maintain and initiate contacts among family members and obtain, organize, and preserve family information for future generations. Currently society has gathered information about our family and its members from late 17th century to this day, published book, Simeliana, in 1996 and has official archive of family pictures, letters and other material in Provincial Archives of Oulu.

Official family gathering is held every fourth year and it usually lasts two days, including official meeting, family dinner and other activities with members of family. Pictures and brief summary (in finnish) about these gatherings so far can be found in Sukukokouset.

As a actual member of Simelius-Simojoki family society can be accepted at least 18 years old direct descendants of Hendrich Simi (1658-1710, Raahe) and Kristina Kemi and their family members. The annual membership fee is currently 15 euros.

Nowadays the members of Simelius-Simojoki family are living all across Finland and even beyond its borders. Many Finns emigrated to the United States and Canada over a hundred years ago, and naturally among these emigrants were members of Simelius-Simojoki family. There is more to be known about the stories of these emigrants and their descendants, so we’d be happy to find these descendants and even more happy if they’d be able to help us advance the Simelius-Simojoki genealogy research with their knowledge. Reciprocally, we could possibly be able to provide said descendants some knowledge of their ancestry and relatives living in Finland.

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Facebook page
Our facebook page is the most agile way to get in contact with members of Simelius-Simojoki family.

Chairman of society:
Mr. Kim Simelius

Genealogy research:
Mr. Kari Simelius